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Scheuber chocolates, best eaten fresh!

29 Mar

Scheuber chocolates.

These unique chocolate balls combines delicate white chocolate with a
few real drops of absinthe, Pontarlier Anis or Raspberry liquor inside
like no others in the world. Created by Jacques Scheuber from
Pontarlier. A family of bakers, patissiers and chocolatiers since 1912
who kept and passed on a savoir faire through three generations.

The Absinthe, originally an aromatic plant well known since antiquity
for it’s medical properties, was first distilled in 1797 in Switzerland.
In 1805 the first French distillery was born in Pontarlier which soon
became the world capital of Absinthe.
By 1913 Pontarlier counted no less than 22 distilleries and the
production reached 555.000 litres a day exported world wide as far as China.

Around that time in France a powerful campaign began against Absinthe
claiming that it led to madness and crime.
This alcohol so popular amounts artists, poets and philosophers at the
beginning of the last century got officially outlawed forever In 1915.

In Pontarlier the prohibition would eventually lead Distillery owed by the ‘Guy’ family to create in 1921 the “Pontarlier Anis” a new aperitif based on aniseed
(important component of the Absinthe).
In 1997 the chocolatier Jacques Scheuber created “Les boules au Pont” a
chocolate based on “Pontarlier Anis”. It became an instant success.

It is in 2001 that Francois Guy, (owner of the only remaining distillery
in Pontarlier) resuscitated the legendary Absinthe of his great grand father and made it a legal drink again.

Soon after the chocolatier Jacques Scheuber gave birth to the amazing and now famous Absinthe chocolate.

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