Your best tweets about Rindwash on goat cheese on Sunday Brunch C4 , 30 August 2015.

31 Aug

Louise Walker ‏@louisewalker09 

Don’t want to miss @Rindwash on @SundayBrunchC4 today #gettingupearly

Sunday Brunch ‏@SundayBrunchC4 

The kids are alright, they’ve got @Rindwash for company.

paul farquharson ‏@paulyfarquhar 

I’m loving the goatee mate looking good @Rindwash

Tracy MacMillan-Cole ‏@macvintage 

@Rindwash how lovely to see that Jerome is on @SundayBrunchC4 today! #cheeserules

Louise Walker ‏@louisewalker09 

Haha love @Rindwash #frenchaccent #cheese

Elaine Logue ‏@LpoolLainey 

Jerome AND goats cheese! Good combo!!!! Great to see you back on the tele @Rindwash 🙂

Steve Young ‏@SteveJYo 

@SundayBrunchC4 @Rindwash Whatever floats your goat.

Ruth Hughes ‏@gwennosaunty 

@SundayBrunchC4 @Rindwash Is he from Birmingham originally?That accent doesn’t sound french at all!!! #Oh la la!

Kieron Watts ‏@KieronDWatts 

@SundayBrunchC4 @Rindwash Cheese guru! 🏾🏾

Des Carroll ‏@DesCarroll1966 

@SundayBrunchC4 @rindwash Blessed are the Cheesemakers! Where is the booze?

Daddii ‏@sayahugo  @SundayBrunchC4 @Rindwash this is so funny even though I don’t have any idea what is he talking about?!!!

Stephen K. Chand ‏@SKCwitter 

@SundayBrunchC4 @simonrim @timlovejoy @Rindwash #OMG I love this guy! Can’t rush #thecheeseguy! Haha #didyoulearnanything? #boom! 🙂 😉 :p x

peter morgan ‏@pedmorgan 

@Rindwash @SundayBrunchC4 amazing as usual, putting humour with cheese , perfect mix

Katie Beckerton ‏@kbeckerton 

Love @Rindwash on @SundayBrunchC4 #cheeselover

Pedro the Fisherman ‏@Eagle_CFC 

@Rindwash Great to see you on the show again! The cheese looked good!

rose McCoy ‏@birmanlady 

@SundayBrunchC4 @Rindwash you didn’t show the name of the last goat’s cheese , I love eating goat’s cheese

Cass Blakeman ‏@WistfulCass 

Hope @rindwash is invited on EVERY #Food Programme. He’s fabulous: a hilariously funny, genuine cheese guru #JeromeTabarie #SundayBrunch+1

Will Atkinson ‏@hillfarmdairy 

Huge thanks to @Rindwash for taking us to @SundayBrunchC4! And to @larrylamb47 for giving us best in show! Drop in if ever nearby.

Hannah Riordan ‏@hannah_riordan 

Love the cheese guy on Sunday Brunch who takes none of Lovejoy’s usual crap.

Faye ‏@DamonLover_Faye 

is annoyed that she missed @Rindwash on @SundayBrunchC4

Stephen K. Chand ‏@SKCwitter 

#SKCocktail & #SKCheese after watching @SundayBrunchC4 @Rindwash #legend! Pre @ButchersSocial #SundaySocial Drinks! x

Sarah ‏@brockhallfarm 

Thanks so much to the fab @rindwash for the appearance of #CapraNouveau on @SundayBrunchC4 &for chef @simonrim pronouncing it Best In Show

Sallyjane Bird ‏@BimBirdy 

@brockhallfarm @Rindwash @SundayBrunchC4 @simonrim we cheered!

Larry Lamb ‏@larrylamb47 

@hillfarmdairy @Rindwash @SundayBrunchC4 Lovely to meet you and the team -especially the girls!!will be up to see you soon LL


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