Summer cheese, and the going is easy… on Sunday Brunch 6 July 2014.

10 Oct


Summer cheese: A cheese made from Summer milk or a cheese that reaches maturity in the Summer. What cheese are well suited to the summertime eating? First of all, we will see three cheeses that are available in the trade, they may be purchased or they may inspire you to create your own! Then we will use a fresh curd cheese to create some savoury and sweet cheesy bites.

Our first cheese is the Lingot de Saint Nicolas


it is made from unpasteurized goat’s milk in Herault, Southern France by orthodox monks, it is a white aged goat cheese. For the purpose of this item, we are going to try the young Lingot, it is rather creamy, quite elastic ( take a long time to melt in mouth ) which makes for a rather long lingering floral and slightly caprine taste with hints of thyme essence which is raising curiosity…

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