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Who has eaten the lemon and orange zests cake?

29 Aug


I did, not all of it, i gave some away to my landlord’s kids.

This recipe is a variation on other already available recipes.

I use olive oil instead of butter and yogurt because i make my own so it gives me

a chance to use my yogurt as well as using as eating it.

For the cake:

3 free range eggs

150 grs demerara sugar

200grs plain flour

130grs yogurt

20grs olive oil

1,5 teaspoon baking powder

zest of a lemon

third of a cup of dessicated coconut. 

For the icing:

just of half a lemon

zest of half an orange

60grs icing sugar


Mix the three whole eggs with the whole demerara sugar thoroughly so the sugar dissolves.

Add the flour ( sieved or not to the bowl) and baking powder,

I introduce the rest of the wet ingredients after the flour 

After an energetic mixing the batter will be quite elastic with no lumps.

For the lemon zest ( This applies to the orange zest too! ),

better use a good quality one unwaxed,, give it a scrub,

dry and shine with clean towel, if organic even better. 

Grate the whole lemon zest directly in the bowl.

In a cup weight the yogurt and olive oil, both will add up to 150 grs

Add to the main batter and mix thoroughly till homogenous.

Now the batter is much wetter.

Pour your batter in a buttered loaf tin or buttered silicon loaf.

Cook in a preheated oven 180c for 45mins ( check that a  knife goes out clean at the end of the cooking)

For the icing:

Grate half the zest of an orange in cup with the icing sugar

add half the juice of the previously used lemon.

Mix till homogenous.

Once the cake is finished, let it rest 10 mins so its easier to unmould.

Spread the icing grossly with a teaspoon and sprinkle some dessicated coconut while the icing

is still wet.

Let the cake finish to cool and enjoy as it comes or with some yogurt on top ( if you make your own yogurt, you can use it to make cake too! )…

Just on top of my mind would be great to use the cake recipe to make a layered cake with some sandwiched mascarpone in it!