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Foraging stinging nettle for various purposes.

11 Apr

Early Spring is the best time to collect this herbaceous perrenial plant. No hiding that you may get a few stings while picking them up, careful some of you may suffer a stronger sting than others, you may want to wear some gloves if you cannot take it or try to sting yourself on a small surface on the back of your hand to see how bad your skin reacts, stems and large leaves will sting more, the tips i am seeking will sting drastically less, it is thought to be beneficial against pain, such as arthritis,  Apply vinegar to tame the burn if it is too bad! The acidity from the vinegar neutralizes the toxins from the sting.

You want to choose a spot away from human pollution and pick up the tips only, they are edible, old broad leaves will have a high starch content which is not palatable.


I cleaned the nettle in a cold water bath with a crushed campden tablet, you may use the same tablets to disinfect your

home grown vegetable and salads and cooking, jarring equipment.



Time for nettle tea.


I pour boiling water on my fresh tips, i let them brew for a good five minutes and press down the leaves with my citrus press, i am left with my tea and a nettle cake that i ll use for cooking later in a sag aloo like potato dish for dinner. I have put a bit of honey to take the green edge off. You may use the nettle tea to wash your hair, that is an old trick from my mum!

If you just want to drink, the nettle is quite diuretic and is great for your kidneys, it has been used for ages as a medicinal plant and should be regarded as such by those who follow some kind of a medicinal treatment, nettle may interact with some medicines, in the absence of such treatment you may use nettle without any adverse effects.

I am drying quite a fair bit of my collect on a wire rack so i ll be making a brew out it which i ll use as a vegetarian rennet for home cheese making. There is an enzyme in nettle that acts as a coagulating agent to curd milk. The enzyme is nowhere near as strong as the one in animal rennet, it works better at high temperature too.

It took just over a week to dry the nettle and i am obviously left with drastically less weight than i had at the start.

It looks like i am good for another foraging trip!



Best tweets for Rindwash appearance on Sunday Brunch C4 30 March 2014

2 Apr

Sarahbelle ‏@letitripper  

The French cheese expert on Sundaybrunch is my new favourite person.


SamTheFoodFan ‏@SamTheFoodFan  

Just turned on @SundayBrunchC4 Who is the French cheese guy?? He’s fab!!


George Garside ‏@GeorgeyGarside  

Love the French cheese man that goes on Sundaybrunch


McDimples ‏@jenmacphee  

He’s putting that French accent on. He’s actually from Essex. @SundayBrunchC4#cheese


Josef Bowley ‏@JoeBowley23  

I hope @mjbeaumont1984 is watching Sundaybrunch. The most French man ever is on. Talking cheese as well. Ohhh lalaaa


Stella ‏@Stella8854  

Watching @SundayBrunchC4 and doing French revision before making my mum breakfast… 😁



Anne Cupcake ‏@annecupcake  

Hurrah THE CHEESE MAN is on #sundaybrunch J’adore his French accent



Liz ‏@captainboo  

The mad French cheeseman is on SundayBrunch today.




Poco Drom ‏@pocodrom  

I would give anything for a book of @Rindwash cheese quotes. He is my fromage hero! More Jerome Tabarie on @SundayBrunchC4 !!!

Sunday Brunch ‏@SundayBrunchC4  

The big news for all you Francophiles out there – Jerome aka @rindwash is back, and he’s got many many cheeses! Oui, oui, OUI!



Louise Carrier ‏@LouiseCarrier  

@SundayBrunchC4 Oh man! Someone give @Rindwash his own series! Always learn something :o)



Poco Drom ‏@pocodrom  

@Rindwash@SundayBrunchC4 Oh no! Have we missed you? Our day will be ruined if we have 😦



SamTheFoodFan ‏@SamTheFoodFan  

@SundayBrunchC4@Rindwash Thx. His passion for cheese just shone through! Great guest!




karl wareham ‏@Warlkareham  

The amazing @Rindwash on @SundayBrunchC4 is always awesome.




Sunday Brunch ‏@SundayBrunchC4  

Let’s run a sweep and see how long it takes @rindwash to tell off T&S during this cheese section. It always happens….

Michaela Simpson ‏@MichaelaS69  

What a fantastic #MothersDay treat @SundayBrunchC4 , just love Jerome @Rindwash , will have to head off to buy #CHEESE for supper!



Mick Gillick ‏@MickGillick  

Watching fabulous cheese item on @SundayBrunchC4Jerome is exciting my taste buds! Where is the best Artisan Cheese shop in the Midlands?



Natasha ‏@Natashagreenpeg  

@SundayBrunchC4 what time is Jerome on? Running late for work, but want to see his section!


Faye ‏@Fayee__  

yay Jerome the cheese man is on @SundayBrunchC4



Vicky Porteous ‏@Trixy1  

Love how passionate and knowledgeable the cheese guy is @SundayBrunchC4 and I don’t even like cheese! Could watch him all day!




Jacob Thornton ‏@jacobjthornton  

The cheese bloke on SundayBrunch is ON IT. #onit



George Garside ‏@GeorgeyGarside  

Love the French cheese man that goes on Sundaybrunch



Michael Byers ‏@byerstweets  

Gerry Adams lookalike reviewing cheese on #SundayBrunch


Julie Cotton ‏@julie_cotton  

YES the brilliant cheese guy is back on SundayBrunch! @mofgimmers you’ll like this too!